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Karen Meyer
Sunrock Village
2nd Road

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to state that I have used Cheryl's hair products for over a year and found that I had an amazing re-growth of hair after having chemo and radiation treatment. My hair has a lovely shine and luster it never had before. I gladly recommend the product to anybody. - MRS KM MEYER

Hi Cheryl
Herewith my review
After testing loads of stuff, eventually we came across something that works for our hair. I use it once a week as a treatment and my hair is manageable, soft and completely healthy. Love the stuff so much that i started using it on my both my son's hair as its completely safe with no chemicals.
- Lynette

Hi C
The treatment is working like a bomb and we will definitely will order more of the treatment from you did you speak to your partner about delivering the treatment to my work place our hair has so much volume and it feels and look healthy the product speak for it self . Really I would recommend this for anyone that does have a hair problem my nr is 074 131 2035 and my landline is 011 408-4265. And a big thank you for introducing us to this amazing product.
Charlotte & Zoe

My son will be two years old in December and I regularly use Nothing Else for him.I have been using it from when he was very young. I like using it because it makes his hair soft and manageable. He has very curly hair and I find that with the next wash his hair is easier to comb. I use it in the place of a gel because you do not need to rinse it out, it will not damage the hair. As a mother I would really recommend Nothing Else as it is made from all natural products. I am very happy with this product.
Roslinn Jantjies

Two years ago, before I started doing Brazilian blow waves, I used Nothing Else on my hair.
At first I found it to be a bit oily but then found that if I used a bit less of it for a shorter period that it worked much better.
I have wavy, dry hair and the product helped to soften it and also made it easier to manage at the time.
Thank you Cheryl for coming up with such a great product.

Kind regards

I had what hairdressers called a "weak spot", for as long as I can remember. My hair at the back of my head used to break off and was always short. There was an embarrassing dent, which I tried to hide, with no success. That is until I was introduced to Nothing Else about 3 years ago. My problem miraculously went away!!! My hair has since been healthy with NO weak spot. It also grows faster then ever before. I receive compliments that my hair looks great and comments such as, "Your hair has grown so fast!" All this, thanks to Nothing Else.
Veronica Govender

Hi my name is Geanine, and I have real problem hair.. If it is not frizzy, or breaking its dull....BUT I could not believe it , with the first use of the conditioner , i saw and felt a difference in my hair. It is now beautiful and shiny, much stronger than before and everybody says that my hair looks healthy ... So I am extremely happy with nothingelse !!! What is more, is that there is now a shampoo that cleans your hair squeaky clean, the great thing is also that you don't use much shampoo at a time, to achieve this cleanness ....
Hope this is ok

Dear Cheryl
Thank you very much for this wonderful product called Nothing Else, the hair treatment truly nourished my hair. I have extremely dry hair but when I use Nothing Else my hair is so soft and feels so straight. My 5 year old daughter's hair's has gone from unmanageable and Caribbean cruz to straight, beautiful and luscious.
Michelle Esterhuizen-Coker

hi just to let you know how much I love your product.Give my hair great shine and keep it in good condition.
My clients love it too some even say it help make your hair grow.
Thanks again
Love Su

I found the treatment quite nice, after just one use you could see how refreshed my hair looked and felt. With the second it looked and felt better. It is a good treatment for any ones hair.
Kezhia Pond

I have been using Nothing Else for more than a year and find it very good. My hair is very thin and breaks very easily, but by using the treatment, my hair is in a much better condition and it also add volume to my hair. I can recomment this treatment with confidence.


I have been a customer of Cheryl's for 8 years now. I started going to Cheryl because my hair was in a bad state due to excessive use of relaxers , it was dry without lustre and it was breaking off. Cheryl recommended that I have weekly treatments to restore my hair to its natural state. I kept up my treatments for the last 7yrs, on a weekly basis . Then last year Cheryl started manufacturing her own treatment and we soon discovered this was much better than the previous product she used. Within a few months of using her treatment my hair has changed significantly it is soft , shiny and healthier than it's ever been. This product is a winner and Iam sure it's going to become a household name of next few years. When people will speak of hair treatment in the future Nothing Else will be up there with Brands like Omo, Blackberry, Apple , Nike etc. I highly recommend this product to anyone irrespective of your hair type . I feel confident using this product knowing that it's all natural.
Dolores Adams

Hi Cheryl
I thought u should know, I absolutely love the treatment. As I generally have really dry hair..... it keeps my hair moisturised, Soft & a brilliant shine!
I have already recommended it to the rest of my family. Who are all very positive about it too! I'll b coming in soon for another order!
Keep well

Hi Cheryl,
Thank you so much for the fantastic Hair Treatment. Ever since I started using *'nothing else'* my hair has never been in a better condition. I don't need silicone or anything else to make my hair shiny. I used to have very bad split ends, but thanks to nothing else 'NO MORE SPLIT ENDS' :-)
I started using your product 4yrs ago, and still using it up until today.
Thank you
Samantha Davis

I have been using Nothing Else for about 3 years now. Initially, I would have a treatment at the salon once a week, and whenever I did a chemical treatment like relaxer or colour.
I started swimming twice a week in February and now keep a bottle of Nothing Else in my swimming bag to use after each session.
My hair, which is very thick and curly, has never been in better condition: it is strong, shiny and the treatment makes it easy to comb through. My colour lasts for ages, and I get way less split ends. I have been able to switch to reverse perms instead of relaxers as my hair is so lovely and soft.
I really love this product!
Thank you
Alicia Thompson

I have used the product for at least 2 years now. I apply weekly and sit under the hairdryer for 20 minutes.
My hair, which is prone to dryness, has soaked up the moisture from the product and has sprung to life. My hair is shiny, strong and healthy and grows with ease.
When people ask what I do to my hair, I always tell anybody who will hear about Nothing Else and encourage them to make the product part of their hair maintenance routine. I highly recommend the product.


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