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Avocado & Hair Growth

Fresh Avocado

Extending a rich supply of vitamins and nutrients, avocados encourage hair growth and maintain overall hair health. Individual results attest to its strengths.

Hair Growth

Hair grows at an average rate of half an inch per month. Heredity, vitamin deficiency, related scalp conditions, and certain autoimmune disorders can all contribute to stunted growth or hair loss.


Incorporated, are fresh avocados to supply the body with nutrients that stimulate hair follicles. Avocados provide essential fats like oleic acid (omega-9) and linolenic acid (omega-3), which are critical for cell growth.


Experts link deficiencies of B-complex vitamins, especially B-7 (biotin), to unhealthy hair. Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D., recommends avocados as a source of B-7.

Expert Insight

o Avocados also contain ample amounts of B-6. A clinical trial performed by the Silesian Medical Academy determined that B-6 causes "improvement in the hair condition in a number of women and it reduces the hair loss especially in Alopecia."

To promote growth topically, consider applying to strengthen strands against the effects of weather.


Most of us know honey as a delicious, sticky and sweet product that we use in the kitchen for cooking and as an ingredient to make our tea taste good.

But, when it comes to using honey for other things like on our skin or hair, we may raise an eyebrow. But let’s take a closer look at this amazing ingredient and answer the question – “Is honey good for your hair?”

Let’s examine honey.

Is it safe for the hair?

Chances are, if you can eat it, you can put it on your body. Honey contains vitamins, minerals, is antibacterial, acts as a humectant (attracts moisture), and has incredible healing properties. Many civilizations in the past and today use honey for many, many uses, and honey for hair is one of those uses. So, honey is definitely safe for the hair and has stood the test of time.

Is it safe for your body?

Today, many diseases are popping up at an alarming rate due to chemicals and other “crap” that is included in many cosmetics and medicines. As an example, fibroid tumors and other related hormone imbalances have reached epidemic proportions, due in whole or in part, to these chemicals. But you need not worry with honey, it actually boosts the immune system and is used to treat all kinds of health problems - it has stood the test of time.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and chemicals are absorbed through the skin. The skin does such an excellent job of absorbing things, that medicinal “patches” use this same principle. These patches are placed on the skin instead of the medicine taken orally or some other way.

So whatever you put on your skin and scalp affects your entire body!

Does Nothing Else make the hair healthy?

You bet. Due to the many characteristics it possesses, hair is actually nourished and enriched. It is food for hair. Keep reading and you’ll find out what will have your hair looking fabulous in no time.

Is Nothing Else economical?

It is extremely budget friendly. In most cases, you only need a small amount. You’ll also feel good knowing that you are doing something good for your body and helping the planet at the same time!

Honey Is Good For Your Hair And Skin
So, the evidence is in – honey is good for your hair!!


Most of us know honey as a delicious, sticky and sweet product that we use in the kitchen for cooking and as an ingredient to make our tea taste good.
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